Vitamin Forte



Content in 1L:
Vitamin A 10.000.000 IU
Vitamin D3 1.500.000 IU
Vitamin E 7.000 mg
Vitamin C 4.000 mg
Biotin 30 mg
Niacin 3.200 mg
Vitamin B1 1.000 mg
Vitamin B2 1.000 mg
Vitamin B6 1.000 mg
Vitamin B12 10 mg
Vitamin B5 750 mg
Vitamin K3 500 mg
Folic acid 200 mg
Lysine 1.500 mg
Methionine 5.000 mg
Threonine 3.500 mg
Holin 1.500 mg
Sodium Propionate 10.000 mg
Magnesium Sulfate 3.800 mg
Zinc Sulfate 2.450 mg
Manganese Sulfate 2.100 mg
Propylene Glycol 10.000 mg
Distilled Water up to 1.000 liters

Vitamins + Aminoacids + Trace Elements.

Product usage:

A water-soluble supplement for all animals.

  • It  helps against stress.
  • With its usage, the animal can resist  high temperatures and humidity, and is also effective during the healing period of various diseases.
  • It helps strengthening bones and muscles
  • Stimulates the metabolism.
  • Increases weight gain in a healthy way.
  • Protects the animals from dehydration.


1 liter in 1 ton of drinkable water. Store in a dry and cool place, away from sunlight.


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