Vitamin C


Content in 1000 G:
Vitamin C 50.000 mg
Dextrose Up to 1.000 g

Product usage:

Vitamin C isĀ  a water soluble feed supplement, which contains a high amount of vitamin C, which helps with:

  • It support greatly in stressful situations such as vaccination, diseases, transport, high humidity, extreme temperatures
  • It is a good antioxidant
  • It helps to associate therapy with antibiotics
  • It increases the energy of the animal
  • It stimulates the metabolism


  • 1g in 1kg feed or 1g in 1 liter water
  • 1kg in 1 ton feed or 1kg in 1000 liter water


  • 100g
  • 1kg plastic bucket
  • 1kg plastic bag


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