Molasses Licking Block



Content in KG:
Molasses 7.000 mg
Calcium 10.000 mg
Phosphorus (MCP) 1.000 mg
Zinc (oxide) 350 mg
Iron (Oxide) 1.000 mg
Magnesium (Oxide) 2.500 mg
Manganese (Oxide) 310 mg
Cobalt 18 mg
Selenium 12 mg
Iodide 50 mg
Natrium(Chloride) 37.3 %

Product usage:

  • Achieve faster growth of animals.
  • Increases the weight in fattening the animals.
  • Stimulate the metabolism.
  • Increases the appetite.
  • Increases the absorption of other feeds
  • It’s a very good source of energy.
  • It helps in conditions of stress.
  • Increases the milk production.


Leave for at will consumption, in an easily accessible place, next to water.


Store in a dry place away from sunlight.


Available in: 2 kg-5 kg blocks. Carton box or plastic wrapped blocks.


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