Vita-E + Selenium



Content in 1 L:
Vitamin E 100.000 mg
Selenium 220 mg
Biotin 30 mg
Vitamin C 10.000 mg
Zinc Sulfate 5.000 mg
Manganese sulfate 4.100 mg
Methionine 10.000 mg
Dextrose 50.000 mg
Propylene glycol 5.000 mg
Distilled Water Up to 1.000 ml

Product usage:

  • Selenium and Vitamin E can interact in synergic way and indicate in different biological processes.
  • They mainly act as antioxidants and improve the immune system.
  • This feed supplement helps in decreasing the mortality level and iproving the metabolism.
  • It also helps in avoidingthe production loss and it works well against dermatitis in birds.


1 liter to 1 ton drinkable water.


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